Investor Relations

Welcome investors!

We are honored for your attention to Lunasbos. We have a mission to improve financial records, especially debt in the community, to be better.

In Indonesia there are problems regarding debt. Many people and even shop sellers complain about friends or customers who forget to pay debts. And worse, they did not dare to collect the debt.

Lunasbos is a special application for recording debt. Unlike other complex financial applications. Lunasbos focuses only on debt. Lunasbos also offers a two-way recording feature. So that both parties know how much the debt is, and will get a reminder when due.

Now Lunasbos has helped more than 40,000 users and record their 90 billion rupiah debts. And soon they can collect debt through the app. And also get loan from us based on their credit scoring.

This is our pitch deck, if there are questions please contact:

Adjie Purbojati, founder of Lunasbos
+62 8564 012 2299

Last update June 13, 2019